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   Welcome! is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We primarily buy and sell used and out-of-print books and offer a free search service. Specialties: labour and radical history, politics, local Manitoba history, environmental issues, agriculture, building and architecture, global warming, appropriate technology, current issues. Large collection of French & German language titles...


Japan's Food is Radioactive

Read the full article in the New York Times here


Clean energy is possible, practical,
and essential - now!

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How "independent librarians" are fabricated in Cuba

How is a "dissident" fabricated?

I am a fabricated dissident. My case is an example of the way in which it is possible to make people abroad believe there is a "huge" opposition and proliferation of "anti-Castro" groups, as they are usually called.

In this little world, you may find me as a member, executive, spokesman...of virtually phantom groups, which exist only in papers. However, internally, the people do not even know these groups exist because they are not rooted in society; much less do they have followers.

I'll be more explicit: I am the national coordinator of the cultural and civic project Julio Tang Texier, financed from Miami by the terrorist Ángel de Fana Serrano, who belongs to the organization Plantados por la Democracia, who has already served a 20 years imprisonment sentence in Cuba for organizing terrorist activities. But right now, he likes to make out he is a pacifist, an alleged "human rights" advocate.

I am the director of the independent library Ernest Hemingway; the director of the Union of Free Journalists of Cuba -an "organization" that is made up by another five persons, all of them strongly interested in leaving the country. That "Union of Free Journalists" is also financed from Miami, in this case by the Directorio Democrático Cubano (DDC).

I was the representative of Brigada 2506 , through which I received a mobile phone and funds for the organization of provocative actions in our homeland and...well...I am the correspondent of the magazine Misceláneas de Cuba, which is printed in Sweden and is directed by counterrevolutionary Alexis Gaínza.

I have been appointed spokesman and member of the board of the so called Frente Nacional de Resistencia y Desobediencia Cívica in Cuba, whose economic support comes from the DDC, Mujeres Anti Represión (MAR) por Cuba and other groups based in Miami which are part of the self-proclaimed Asamblea de la Resistencia.

As if this were not enough, I was given the task of serving as the national liaison of presumptive Opposition Governments which are directed by Enrique Blanco from Puerto Rico, the one that runs my blog.

That is how a "dissident" or a member of an alleged opposition is fabricated. Today they hide under the guise of independent librarians, independent journalists, "human rights" advocates"...


Full here

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David Harvey's Latest


A Companion to Marx's Capital

The radical geographer guides us through the classic text of political economy
“My aim is to get you to read a book by Karl Marx called Capital, Volume 1,
and to read it on Marx’s own terms…”

The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression has generated a surge of interest in Marx’s work in the effort to understand the origins of our current predicament. For nearly forty years, David Harvey has written and lectured on Capital, becoming one of the world’s most foremost Marx scholars.

Based on his recent lectures, this current volume aims to bring this depth of learning to a broader audience, guiding first-time readers through a fascinating and deeply rewarding text. A Companion to Marx’s Capital offers fresh, original and sometimes critical interpretations of a book that changed the course of history and, as Harvey intimates, may do so again.

“Harvey is a scholarly radical; his writing is free of journalistic clichés, full of facts and carefully thought-through ideas.” — Richard Sennett

More info and orders here



  • Fatima Meer (1928-2010), Nelson Mandela's first biographer and friend, outspoken critic of post-apartheid neoliberalism, died March 12
  • Miguel Delibes (1920-2010), prolific Spanish writer, chronicler of 1936-39 war against fascism in Spain, died 12 March. His works were censored by Franco and subsequent 40-year dictatorship. Winner of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 1993, Spain's highest literary award.
  • Chinua Achebe (1931-2013), the father of modern African literature, died in March 2013 at 82 years
  • Michael Foot (1913-2010), British labour leader and author, died March 4 at age 97.
  • Carlos Montemayor (1947-2010), Mexican author and guerrilla movement scholar died February 27 at age 62. Montemayor was a historian and linguist whose academic work centered on indigenous culture and rebels.
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